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Interactive Publishing together with the Swiss publisher Ringier and Europemedia.com established the Awards in 1998. The first ceremony took place during the 5th Interactive Publishing conference (11 - 13 November 1998, Zurich) in the presence of the key players in the European interactive publishing industry. In the past four years the Awards developed into the most prestigious awards in Europe in the field of interactive publishing.

During itís existence the Awards went through a lot of changes. The key issue has always been: how to judge the entries fairly and independently with a group of judges that needs to be multilingual, from many different countries and backgrounds and which can not as a rule meet eachother in person.

Over the years we have developed - together with our friends from Nextexpertizer - a judging tool that is unmatched in its ability to accomodate all the different views and opinions and yet still come up with a clear and distinct leader in the various categories. More than that, at the end of each exercise we have a very destinct picture of which areas, applications or services are "hot" and what content sites should keep their focus on (for more info on the tool contact us)

As it is a peer reward it enjoys high popularity among the leading content sites in Europe of which for example BBC News Online, The Guardian, ZDF.Reporter were former winners.

For more information or comments, please contact Jasper van der Hulst at: jasper@iptop.com

Winners Awards 2001

BBC News
BBC News Online

ZDF Reporter

bkaro dot net