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Judging Criteria

- Is the site appropriately updated?
- Does the site provide the latest information on the theme/issue of the site?
- Is the style of the content engaging?
- Are the items just right/too short/too long?
- Is the content on the subject complete?
- Does the site provide links for further reading?

- Is the navigation clearly structured? Can you easily find your way around?
- Are the links all funtioning?
- Does the site load fast enough? Does it give you an opportunity to choose between flash and HTML?
- Is the subject you're looking easy to reach or do you need many/too many click throughs?
- Is there a search engine? Does it provide quality serach results?

- Does the site have a good and professional design? Is it not outdated, messy, does it fit the publication?
- Is there a possibility to choose between different formats?
- Is the content in a readable format?
- If the site has sound, does the sound add to the the site? Can you switch it off?
- Does the site provide relevant audio/video streams, picture galleries?

- Is interaction between users and the site stimulated? Are message boards, email forms available?
Can a user contact the staff of the site directly? Is there a possibility to phone/fax?
- Can users interact with other users? Via message boards and/or mailing lists?
- Does the site provide newsletters? Can users react to these newsletters? Are these reactions published?

- Is the site offering additional services that give the site an added value and a cutting edge?
- Is it offering useful paid content and services? Does it offer e-commerce services?
Advisory services?

For more information or comments, please contact Jasper van der Hulst at: jasper@iptop.com

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