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The Network

IP Top is part of the Content Summit, to be held 7-9 November 2001 in Zurich, Switserland. Next to the IP Top 2001 Awards Ceremony, the second Content Summit includes the following events:

The 8th Interactive Publishing conference
An elite meeting place and exchange platform for visionaries and industry giants, the Content Summit Conference hosts executives from 30+ countries. Founded and powered by Norbert Specker, Interactive Publishing GmbH, this ever-expanding network has, for the past 7 years, spawned many new projects and co-operation among traditional and new media.

Content Show
The Content Summit Show is a unique marketplace featuring the most select companies representing the entire content value chain, from niche players and right holders, to producers, sydicators and distributors. Designer modular exhibition booths serve as vantage points defining both the market and the network. Powered by Messe Basel.

The Content Summit Workshops
Content Summit.01 Workshops Two kinds of hands-on executive tracks to zero in on success in the content market:
MasterSeries: Learn from the most experienced and trusted exponents of the content industry.
Get-It-Done: Peer-to-Peer presentations on hot issues and local views of a global industry.

People Matchmaking
Searching for the right partner, the right information or the right products? Find all you need to know from the deepest and most focused info base exclusively dedicated to the content industry and its related services and communities.

A European Executives Summit for the Interactive Content Community Content Summit is instrumental in linking cutting edge strategies, best practice and next practice in the executive conference and hands-on workshop arena with the suppliers of enabling technologies, vendors and services on the show floor.

For more information or comments, please contact Jasper van der Hulst at: jasper@iptop.com

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