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Press Releases 2000

Guardian Unlimited big winner at IP Top Awards 2000
16 November 2000
Top European content executives were gathered at the Hochspannungslabor in Zurich for the announcement of the IP Top Awards winners. Guardian Unlimited (www.guardianunlimited.co.uk) is the big winner this year. The jury choose this UK-based online newspaper as the best overall publication (Grand Prize) as well as ‘Best News Content’.
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Experts selected 58 publications to compete for the IP Top Awards
31 October 2000
A team of thirty experienced professionals in the field of online content selected 58 publications for this year’s IP Top Awards. These publications will be judged on elements like ‘newsworthiness’, ‘speed’ and ‘design’.
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More than 150 publications entered the IP Top Awards 2000
17 October 2000
Until now, more than 150 European content publications entered the IP Top Awards.
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t.o.p.GRID makes IP Top-report valuable benchmark
6 October 2000
During this year’s IP Top Awards programme a sophisticated decision-making software tool, called t.o.p.GRID (http://www.topgrid.com), will be used to evaluate the Awards entries.
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IP Top sets up free directory to highlight European online content
28 September 2000
IP Top announced today the launch of it’s online content directory. In addition to the nine awards categories, publications can now be entered into more than 25 content categories.
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IP Top highlights the best European interactive content
18 September 2000
The IP Top Awards program will recognise the best online content quality in Europe. Online publishers will be awarded for their contributions to the fast-growing information society.
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