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Directory entries for Corporate Websites

(137 publications)
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21TORR Corporate Website
The Website is particularly aimed at potential and existing customers, new personnel, and journalists. All target groups are offered a detailed portrayal of the 21TORR stock corporation, its subsidiaries 21TORR AGENCY and Metropolis, as well as its business units Multimedia.de, Webchat and ICONY. News, press reviews and short descriptions of reference projects give information about current developments and 21TORR's work.
Published by: 21TORR AGENCY GmbH
Design by: 21TORR AGENCY GmbH
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4site Multimedia Ltd.
4site Multimedia Ltd. is providing high quality services including graphic design, multimedia presentations, web site design, hosting, webmastering, computer advertisement and marketing products... Visit our awarded Flash web site for more information.
Published by: 4site Multimedia Ltd.
Design by: 4site Multimedia Ltd.
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ACL Homesite
The ACL Home at the Net with contact info, login portal for customer services, member page for our webring and our famous dancing baby.
Published by: ACL
Design by: ACL
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Corporate web site of a German cosmetics & wellness company. By Clauda Stein & Tom Jankowski ("New Masters of Flash").
Published by: Claudia Stein Design
Design by: Claudia Stein Design
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Allianz Zagreb
We are a Croatian insurance company, member of the international Allianz Group. Our goal is to attain and maintain the leading rank in the market. We wish to be the leader in innovation and quality, price/quality relation and sufficient gross contribution to ensure fulfilment of given promises. We guarantee a complete security and first-class service consistent with the standards of Allianz.
Published by: Ador d.o.o.
Design by: Ador d.o.o.
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Anders Paulsson - Web Concert
Artistic Presentation and Promotion.
Published by: TIDSRUM
Design by: TIDSRUM
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AO Recommended Literature
AO Recommended Literature is the first and biggest Meta-eJournal in the medical community. We deliver tailored information regarding to the needs and speciality of our partners. The articles are selected out of more than 400 journals worldwide with respect to special quality selection criteria which are proofed from an External Board. More than 250,000 orthopedic surgeons are members of this community and have access to this service.
Published by: AO International / AO Publishing
Design by: AO International / AO Publishing
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Artificial Life Website
The corporate website for the german subsidiary of the software company Artificial Life features Alma, a german speking bot that acts as the greeter and guide through the site. Adding a humorous note to the stylish design of the website, Alma with her Lederhosen is an example of one of the products of Artificial Life, Alife-WebGuide.
Published by: Artificial Life Deutschland AG
Design by: Artificial Life Deutschland AG
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ATROA Air Techniques Released Online Accesseble
Published by: atroa
Design by: atroa
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auktionZ GmbH
Verkauf und Versteigerung von Liquidationen und Konkurse. B2B und B2C
Published by: auktionZ GmbH
Design by: auktionZ GmbH
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