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Directory entries for Online Directory Services

(22 publications)
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Future-Magazine & Future-International
http://Future-Magazine .de
We are an Online-Magazine that provides its readers with international content. We offer the most topical and important trends & lifestyle news from fashion to high-tech products. Our Online Magazine is a publication of the same Network that includes the Future-Institute, Future-Agency, Future-Entertainment & Future-International. Worlwide there are more than 150 trendscouts who are working for us and searching every day new trends & scenes...
Published by: Future-Magazine / Future-International
Design by: Future-Magazine / Future-International
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ABACO Instituto Hispanico de Murcia
Spanish language courses for foreigners at the Mediterranean Coast. 15 courses plus various activities and lodging in Spanish families.
Published by: ABACO Instituto Hispanico de Murcia
Design by: ABACO Instituto Hispanico de Murcia
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Archéire [derived from architecture - eireann] is a collection of web sites focused on architecture in Ireland. It is intended to heighten awareness, and to foster debate both within Ireland and internationally
Published by: Desire Publishing Ltd
Design by: Desire Publishing Ltd
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History of Slovenia, Genealogy of Slovenia National and Cultural treasures of Slovenia Political overview of Slovenia
Published by: B. Jezovnik Real Estatte
Design by: B. Jezovnik Real Estatte
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Data Entry & Data Conversion India
Offer Data Entry, Online Data Entry, Data Conversion & Processing, Data Capture, Desktop Publishing, outsource data entry, Business Process Outsourcing, Form Processing, Document Scanning, OCR, Accounting, Bookkeeping services.
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Fast Forward Europe
(United Kingdom)
Time correspondents made a marathon journey around Europe to chronicle the people, places and trends shaping the future of the Continent. The special website is a travelogue and special documentary report of their journeys, presenting a unique and comprehensive view of Europe as it prepares for European Union expansion and the single currency.
Published by: Time Magazine
Design by: Time Magazine
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Free Pint Newsletter
(United Kingdom)
Free Pint is a community of business professionals who use the Web for their work. The 32,000 subscribers receive a free newsletter every two weeks. It's packed with material written by professionals who share their experience, recommending the best resources on the Web. Our search facility gives access to the whole site, including questions and answers on the "Free Pint Bar", a free public forum. Our Portal lists research resources by subject and country.
Published by: Free Pint Limited
Design by: Free Pint Limited
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Indias Best site on Religious, Indian Business etc
The portal www.shrikhatushyamji.com provides help and information for every aspect of your life __ Be it Educational, Marriage, Business and Money, specific counseling, special information, peace of mind, religion and spirituality __ just to name a few. The list is endless. your search ends here as this portal touches every color of spectrum of your life. Quiz, Sending Free Bus Yatra To seven deviyaan
Published by: Shrikhatushyamji
Design by: Shrikhatushyamji
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The motive to make the site was the the variety in Internet providers. BEN gives to consumers and businesses an independent advice about Internet providers,so they can take free advantage of it. The visitor can, on the basis of preferences, the site in a fast way select what is for him/her: The cheapest and the best internetprovider.He can also find interesting and up-to-date information and he can also discuss in a forum with other visitors about the providers and their products.
Published by: Bencom BV
Design by: Perplex New Media
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(United States of America)
MarketResearch.com, the leading business-to-business marketplace for expert industry intelligence provides one-stop information solutions, with a geographically and topically comprehensive database of resources. From over 350 world-class research providers, this site offers users the most expansive platform of intelligence in the most cost-effective and convenient manner possible.
Published by: MarketResearch.com, Inc,
Design by: MarketResearch.com, Inc,
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