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Directory entries for Education

(25 publications)
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ABACO Instituto Hispanico de Murcia
Spanish language courses for foreigners at the Mediterranean Coast. 15 courses plus various activities and lodging in Spanish families.
Published by: ABACO Instituto Hispanico de Murcia
Design by: ABACO Instituto Hispanico de Murcia
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Academia Universpain
Universpain offers Spanish courses all year round in Salamanca. Our teachers are native speakers and have a university degree. We provide 8 level of teaching, accommodation in host family, student flat, university residence. The school has 10 classrooms, a library, a multimedia room, a 40 seats cinema/auditorium, a Cafe restaurant in the same building of the school, our own School radio. All installations equipped with air conditioning. We offer a wide range of sport and cultural activities.
Published by: Academia Universpain
Design by: Academia Universpain
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ACCREDIT Professional training in accounting and finance. IAS/IFRS training courses. ACCA exam training.
Published by: ACCREDIT
Design by: ACCREDIT
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AIDS HelpZone
(Czech Republic)
The AIDS Help zone is an specialized service focused on giving on-line anonymous advice in HIV/AIDS problematic. The service is focused on young people and supported by medical and life sciences specialists. A large FAQ section provides an instant information source on most discussed issues.
Published by: ALMS
Design by: ALMS
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AIDS Server
(Czech Republic)
The AIDS Server is an online information service focused on AIDS/HIV, tageted on young people. The content of the server is prepared in co-operation with the foundation Nadace pro zivot and with top specialists from institutions, which are in the Czech republic involved in AIDS research (National Health Institute, 3rd School of Medicine of the Charles University). The site was chosen to be one of 34 featured in a CD-ROM "The best of the Czech Internet" and distributed in 100.000 copies.
Published by: ALMS
Design by: ALMS
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History of Slovenia, Genealogy of Slovenia National and Cultural treasures of Slovenia Political overview of Slovenia
Published by: B. Jezovnik Real Estatte
Design by: B. Jezovnik Real Estatte
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Colegio de Espaņa
The Colegio de Espaņa was founded in 1973 in Salamanca as an Academic Institution with highly qualified teachers, whose primary aim is to teach Spanish Language and Culture to foreign students and teachers.
Published by: Colegio de Espaņa
Design by: Colegio de Espaņa
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Colegio Unamuno
Learn Spanish and knows Spain. Fun with the activities and excursions of the Unamuno School. Information on lodging and transport. Courses to size according to your necessities. All Mondays you can begin to learn Spanish. Learning with quality: CEELE certificate.
Published by: PULSO Sistemas de Gestion
Design by: PULSO Sistemas de Gestion
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Educational Software to Learn Languages and Online Courses
Educational Software and online courses to learn more than 70 languages
Published by: IES
Design by: IES
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EirJOBS.com :- Student Job Finder
Using the latest Database Technologies, it allows employers to log on with a password to post their vacant positions. Other services enclude mail-list , lively message boards & CV advice. EirJOBS.com offers a potentially very useful resource for irish students. Further information about this from project@eirjobs.com
Published by: Keynet.ie
Design by: Keynet.ie
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