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Directory entries for Literature

(3 publications)

History of Slovenia, Genealogy of Slovenia National and Cultural treasures of Slovenia Political overview of Slovenia
Published by: B. Jezovnik Real Estatte
Design by: B. Jezovnik Real Estatte
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Everypoet.com - everything for every poet
Everypoet.com is a complete poetry resource for poets and lovers of poetry. The site features a huge collection of classical poems, from Shakespeare and Dante to T.S. Eliot and Robert Frost; an interactive poetry community with over 6,000 members where writers may post and comment on each others' poems; an extensive poetry portal featuring links to famous and unknown poets; haiku generators; a Poetry Showcase where individual poets may display their work; the Poetic Table of the Elements; more.
Published by: Selendy Communications
Design by: Selendy Communications
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Seshendra Sharma is a colossus of modern Indian poetry. This site presents esssence of the millennium in a powerful poetic style. Seshendra's literature is a unique blend of the best of poetry and poetics.
Published by: jyotsna publications
Design by: jyotsna publications
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