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Directory entries for News (general)

(132 publications)
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A free ezine dedicated to the Web. Most interesting and useful websites are featured along with news and facts. There is always something more to discover!
Published by: UNDe
Design by: UNDe
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The first serious publication in italy concerning sexuology
Published by: Faro.net snc
Design by: Faro.net snc
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@Home Mount Everest Expedition 2000
At May 17th 2000, Dutch climber Frits Vrijlandt (32) reached the summit of the Mount Everest (8845 meter). He was the first Dutchmen that reached the summit via the difficult North Face. His fellow/climber Steven Le Poole did two summit attempts but failed unfortunately. During a two-month period (March 24th - June 2 nd) the site reported about the highlights and drama's on the mountain using a variety of media (video, audio, Flash).
Published by: @Home benelux
Design by: @Home benelux
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Aftenposten is the leading norwegian daily with two daily printed editions. In addition Aftenposten continously delievers breaking news, special reports and live sports to its customers using www, wap and SMS as delivery channels. Aftenposten is also available for download in a pdf format for customers who don't have access to the printed version.
Published by: Aftenposten
Design by: Aftenposten
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Agora News
IT communications and Internet related news in romanian, every workday
Published by: Computer Press Agora
Design by: Computer Press Agora
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AIDS Server
(Czech Republic)
The AIDS Server is an online information service focused on AIDS/HIV, tageted on young people. The content of the server is prepared in co-operation with the foundation Nadace pro zivot and with top specialists from institutions, which are in the Czech republic involved in AIDS research (National Health Institute, 3rd School of Medicine of the Charles University). The site was chosen to be one of 34 featured in a CD-ROM "The best of the Czech Internet" and distributed in 100.000 copies.
Published by: ALMS
Design by: ALMS
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Anzeiger Region Bern
The official indicator of Berne in the internet. Lots of useful informations and links to find on these pages.
Published by: Der Bund Verlag AG
Design by: Der Bund Verlag AG
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Archéire is the online community for Irish architecture and design. It is intended to heighten awareness of architecture within Ireland, and to foster international awareness and dialogue. It is a diverse, growing collection of architectural sites, with emphasis ranging from history and preservation to current architectural developments and issues.
Published by: Desirepublishing Ltd.
Design by: Desirepublishing Ltd.
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Archives of the Dutch newspapers
Via www.persdata.nl kan een ieder met een abbonnement toegang krijgen tot de archieven van de toonaangevende dagbladen van Nederland; De Volkskrant, NRC handelsblad, Algemeen Dagblad, Financieele dagblad, Het Parool, Trouw, Rotterdams Dagblad enz. enz.
Published by: PCM Interactieve media
Design by: PCM Interactieve media
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(United Kingdom)
A novel concept in vertical portals designed to bring together and actively manage a community. Novel concepts are: * the community grows and reviews content actively * the editor and visitor use the same taxonomy to profile themselves, making it easier to find and manage the content relevant to the individual
Published by: RMR plc
Design by: RMR plc
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