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Directory entries for Politics & Law

(10 publications)

Largest online advisory platform from Switzerland. Themes: Health, Law, Live, Money
Published by: beobachter.ch
Design by: beobachter.ch
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Online version of the "Cotidianul" national daily. News and comments, everything romanian, up to the minute, a place for everybody into Romania to meet. Keep in touch!
Published by: RH Press
Design by: RH Press
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Official site of the germanspeaking community of Belgium
Published by: German Community
Design by: German Community
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Disha Family on line
A web based advices on line, ideas projects, about how to improve the quality of our life.
Published by: IRFF
Design by: IRFF
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elexica - the online legal resource for lawyers by lawyers
(United Kingdom)
elexica is the award-winning, free online legal resource produced by leading international law firm Simmons & Simmons. elexica offers a current awareness service, legal updates, weekly EU Diary (also available in Palm(TM) format), training modules (with CPD hours), legal checklists (also available in Palm(TM) format), a legal discussions forum and an extensive library of categorised web links.
Published by: Simmons & Simmons
Design by: Simmons & Simmons
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European Voice
European-voice.com is the website of European Voice, a weekly newspaper published by The Economist Group focusing exclusively on European Union affairs.
Published by: European Voice
Design by: European Voice
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FreeSerbia - Other Voices From Serbia
Trusted, popular source of independent news and views from Serbia, updated constantly. Services include free newsletter, desktop news, net radio and more.
Published by: FreeSerbia
Design by: FreeSerbia
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LEGAmedia is an independent online magazine and portal site for lawyers and entrepreneurs. We went online in February 2000. LEGAmedia offers regular features on legal topics, computers and the Internet, and resources for legal education. We target lawyers, attorneys, students and educators, as well as businesses seeking legal advice.
Published by: LEGAmedia
Design by: LEGAmedia
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(United States of America)
NetPulse is the premier global publication on how the Internet and other new technologies are being used in politics. It is published every two weeks and is a companion to The Weekly Politiker wich is a weekly newswire covering the same areas.
Published by: PoliticsOnline
Design by: PoliticsOnline
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weltwoche.ch is the website of switzerlands leading weekly newspaper "die weltwoche".
Published by: basler mediengruppe
Design by: additiv ag, zürich
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