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Directory entries for Sports

(33 publications)
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4U Sports
4U Sports brengt on-line nieuws over sport. Gratis je club op het net. Vragen over voetbal, basket, judo, volley of andere sporten, uitslagen, spelregels, clubs, bij 4USports vind je het antwoord.
Published by: 4U Sports BVBA
Design by: 4U Sports BVBA
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@Home Mount Everest Expedition 2000
At May 17th 2000, Dutch climber Frits Vrijlandt (32) reached the summit of the Mount Everest (8845 meter). He was the first Dutchmen that reached the summit via the difficult North Face. His fellow/climber Steven Le Poole did two summit attempts but failed unfortunately. During a two-month period (March 24th – June 2nd) the site reported about the highlights and drama’s on the mountain using a diversity of media (video, audio, rich graphics, Flash-animations).
Published by: @Home benelux
Design by: @Home benelux
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Adventure Hiswa
Adventure Hiswa is thé site on watersports in the Netherlands. Eight professional sportsmen and women (active in rowing, wakeboarding, surfing, sailing) are being followed. Adventure Hiswa is a very innovative site, one of the most innovative contentsites in Holland. Besides the written articles, visitors find information in audio and videocontent. So they experience in a very lively way how their favorite sportmen and women are doing. The site has several updates a week.
Published by: Explainer DC
Design by: Explainer DC
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All European Tournaments - Expersport Online
Site includes many different sports tournaments for youth teams to participate in. Sports included are: Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, Baseball, Softball, Wrestling, Marathon, Athletics and Tennis.
Published by: Expersport Nederland BV
Design by: Expersport Nederland BV
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André "ROOTS" Rötheli
Hockey player André "ROOTS" Rötheli is celebrating his 30th birthday on 12th of October 2000. On this occasion, the EVZ-Star receives a Homepage of a special kind: his complete careere, his hobbies, the highs and lows of his sporting life are presented in high quality both technically and visual. The fans will find all information about "ROOTS" they demand on this site completely produced in FLASH.
Published by: FirmNET AG
Design by: FirmNET AG
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AS.COM, portal deportivo español de referencia, ofrece toda la información deportiva en tiempo real, con actualización permanente. Incluye los contenidos del diario AS y permite el seguimiento on-line de las mejores ligas de fútbol europeas y los principales acontecimientos deportivos.
Published by: Prisacom
Design by: Prisacom
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Find out what to do in and around Berne the capital of Switzerland. Hike-, Bike-, Sightseeing-tipps and winter trips are published with useful information, maps and elevator profiles.
Published by: Der Bund Verlag AG
Design by: Der Bund Verlag AG
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Be Better
To give a entrateing spin to a product story. The user visits the site and by going through different games he/she become a better person and learns about adidas shoes.
Published by: agency.com
Design by: agency
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Can Communicate
(United Kingdom)
Film and Television production company Can brand communicate are experts in corporate communication, film and TV commercials as well as new media broadcasting including DVD and streaming video for the internet.
Published by: Can Communicate Limited
Design by: Can Communicate Limited
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Online version of the "Cotidianul" national daily. News and comments, everything romanian, up to the minute, a place for everybody into Romania to meet. Keep in touch!
Published by: RH Press
Design by: RH Press
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