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2001 Award competitors for Documentary/Reports

(7 publications)

Archéire [derived from architecture - eireann] is a collection of web sites focused on architecture in Ireland. It is intended to heighten awareness, and to foster debate both within Ireland and internationally
Published by: Desire Publishing Ltd
Design by: Desire Publishing Ltd
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History of Slovenia, Genealogy of Slovenia National and Cultural treasures of Slovenia Political overview of Slovenia
Published by: B. Jezovnik Real Estatte
Design by: B. Jezovnik Real Estatte
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Fast Forward Europe
(United Kingdom)
Time correspondents made a marathon journey around Europe to chronicle the people, places and trends shaping the future of the Continent. The special website is a travelogue and special documentary report of their journeys, presenting a unique and comprehensive view of Europe as it prepares for European Union expansion and the single currency.
Published by: Time Magazine
Design by: Time Magazine
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(United States of America)
NetPulse is the premier global publication on how the Internet and other new technologies are being used in politics. It is published every two weeks and is a companion to The Weekly Politiker wich is a weekly newswire covering the same areas.
Published by: PoliticsOnline
Design by: PoliticsOnline
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Travel Channel
Vertical travel portal
Published by: Aargauer Zeitung AG
Design by: silverfish multimedia
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(Czech Republic)
Official website for the XXth International Conference on Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology (YEAST 2001) - Prague August 26 - 31, 2001.
Published by: YEAST 2001 Secretariat
Design by: ALMS
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ZDF.reporter is an new format calles "information-adventure". It presents background information to current international sensation and let people take part on it.
Published by: ZDF
Design by: ZDF
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